Theresa May to Snub Trump After He Told the Unvarnished Truth


The DailyMail reported that Theresa May will snub Donald Trump at the G20 summit after he savaged her Brexit deal as “great for the EU” – and warned it would hit trade with the U.S. Both of those statements by the President are true.

The PM’s spokesman said there were “no plans” to hold talks with the President at the G20 gathering in Argentina following his dramatic intervention – which echoed the complaints of Brexiteers and threatened to kill off the package altogether.

The Brexit deal is the worst in history.

The United Kingdom’s Theresa May is giving 60 Billion Sterling to the EU and will for years and years accept all EU rules without having any say in them.

The Brits will only be allowed to leave the EU if the EU agrees. Of course, the EU will never agree. Why would they?

Hopefully, for the Brits sake, the Parliament will vote it down. May is violating the referendum to leave the EU.

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