These Cars Must Be Steal-Proof in Chicagoland


We have amazing people running the Federal and State governments. Our President has $400 million assigned to transgender children’s clothes in the new $1.2 trillion bill. Kamala is the border czar. The governor of California is ruining paradise. Curtis Sliwa calls the Mayor of Gotham “Swaggerman, the man with no plan” because he’s boastful and has no plan. Then we have the District Attorney of New York, Alvin Bragg, who was regaled for his creative crime creation of Biden’s political opponent while not prosecuting chosen criminals.

Then there is Mayor Johnson of Chicago, who is suing Kia and Hyundai because criminals like to steal them.

He’s brought a lawsuit against the two car companies because criminals in his city are stealing them. He wants them to be steal-proof.

We no longer have agreement on what is a crime, who is a criminal, what the government should stay out of – like children’s transgender clothing, and even what is wrong and right.

This is what the new oppressor-oppressed religion gets you. We are watching the collapse of Western civilization in real-time.

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