VA Pharmacy Accidentally Gave 112 Children Adult COV Doses


A Virginia pharmacy will no longer be allowed to administer COVID-19 vaccines after they accidentally gave more than 100 children the wrong dose of the shot.

Ted Pharmacy, in Loudon County, gave 112 children aged five to 11 doses of the vaccine meant for teens and adults.

Younger children are meant to receive one-third the dosage and the vaccine comes packaged with an orange vial cap instead of a purple cap to help physicians distinguish between the two.

One parent said the pharmacy brushed off her concerns.

The Loudon County Department of Health is alerting parents about the error made by the pharmacy.

Health officials tell parents they can either wait 21 days and restart their child’s vaccine series, or they can get the second dose of the vaccine as scheduled but should consult with a pediatrician about what the best option is.

They also ask parents to be on the lookout for potential side effects their child may be feeling from the increased dosage of the shot.

State officials told NBC Washington that the Virginia Board of Pharmacy opened an investigation into the pharmacy, though the organization said it is against protocol to confirm if an investigation is taking place.

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