This can’t be a new normal, NYPD can arrest New Yorkers eating out


Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, who wants to nationalize industries and factories during the Wuhan Foreign Chinese virus scare,  ordered all restaurants, bars, and cafes to stop dine-in service and only provide take-out and delivery. All cinemas, nightclubs, theaters, concert venues and gyms are ordered closed until further notice.

A memo was sent to the New York Police Department advising them that they can issue misdemeanor summonses to business operators who ignore the ban if they want to do so. If the owners/operators refuse to comply, police can arrest them for obstruction.

That’s not all, police can arrest the patrons if they refuse to leave. If they interfere with the police, they can be charged with serious crimes.

It’s creeping socialism if not checked.

Laura Ingraham gave an excellent monologue on what to do about coronavirus next time. This can’t be a new normal. We can’t destroy our economy every time a nation acts irresponsibly.


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