This Could Be the Last We’ll See of CCP’s Former Leader


Hu Jintao, 79, the man who was the supreme leader of China before Xi Jinping came to power, was seen being led out of the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in dramatic footage.

This happened after the media had been allowed to enter. Nearly every camera in the Great Hall of the People was trained on the podium where President Xi was sitting. Hu sat to his left.

It appears planned. Hu was asked to leave the stage in full public view.


The CCP is fractured by factionalism. President Xi has ruthlessly crushed all opposition to himself and his group. He plans to hold all the power.

Hu is the leader of the group called “tuanpai” or populists, comprising members with a Communist Youth League background.

Ever since Xi came to power, his group has marginalized the other groups in the Party, including the tuanpai. Other Xi targets are “Shanghai Gang,” which was led by Jiang Zemin (who preceded Hu as president and Party general secretary) and Zheng Qinghong (who was Xi Jinping’s predecessor as the first secretary of the CCP central secretariat).

Hours after Hu was led out of the Great Hall, two other senior leaders of the tuanpai group, Premier Li Keqiang and Wang Yang, who heads the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, were dropped from the CCP central committee.

Hu clearly didn’t want to leave and looked confused.


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