As of Friday, Despot Trudeau Bans Handguns Sales, Transfers and Transports


The no-gun law in Canada went into effect Friday. Tyrant Justin Trudeau said, “From today forward, it is no longer legal to buy, sell, or transfer a handgun in Canada. And just like that, Canada loses its rights to handguns, and all the dealers are out of business. Thanks to a despot, Canadians will have more difficulty defending themselves.

“When people are being killed, when people are being hurt, responsible leadership requires us to act,” Trudeau said at a news conference on Friday, announcing the new measure. “Recently, again, we have seen too many examples of horrific tragedies involving firearms.”

Instead of looking at the cause of the crimes, he is looking at the weapon used. He simply wants to disarm people.

In addition to a ban on handgun sales, it is also now forbidden to bring newly acquired handguns into Canada. The freeze is being met with elation from gun reform groups who welcomed the immediate action.

The US is next if you vote for these Democrats or don’t vote at all. Welcome to The Great Reset.

Canada does not have a Second Amendment. We had better keep ours.


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