This Could Be Why Disney Pushes K-3 Grooming Programs


Disney is upset about the Parents’ Rights in Education bill in Florida that is falsely dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The sleazy corporation is going to work to get the bill rescinded.

Governor DeSantis was on the Clay and Buck show today and blasted Disney. He said “…they’re gonna work to repeal it? You know, I think that they think that they control this state just because they have a big theme park here. And I got news for you. That is not the way the state of Florida is gonna be run and we’re not going to be bending any knees to any woke corporations.”

Disney has become an evil, agenda-oriented corporation with its leftist nonsense in its programming, indoctrinating the children.

Here’s one example of an executive producer adding “queerness” to the children’s programming:

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