‘This is a very damaging expose’ by Project Veritas


We can still get true news from Australia. In this report, the host calls the Project Veritas exposé of CNN “very damaging.” The guest said that US media is mostly narrative-forming media and nudges people to the conclusion they want. It doesn’t care about the truth.

He’s right. Our media tells us what to think, how to think, and what to care about. They blame white people as racists to support the narrative.

The guest added that they all “seem to cover for each other.”

Australia seems to have the same problem.




  1. It isn’t called Mockingbird for no reason. They mock you and laugh as you fall for it hook line and sinker, well some of us anyway.
    I feel bad for fam living in teevee enemedia world but it is like a trance or cult and they can’t be reached, thankfully the headphones are nice and loud but I do have some seep of the evil teevee slime at dinner time.
    Let’s enjoy pages like this one and the projects of James O’Keefe while we still can.
    White people be so racists? Where is the diversity in the news room, comrades?

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