Hillary endangers police with a tweet on the Adam Toledo shooting


An unnamed police officer shot and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo on March 29. He was in possession of a gun and had gun residue on his hand after reports of a shooting.

On Thursday, the Chicago police released the bodycam footage.

Adam Toledo was also known a “Lil’ Homicide,” and “Bvby Diablo” by his gang colleagues in The Latin Kings.

The Democrat media is lying about what happened to put the police in danger, and The Latin Kings are threatening to retaliate against the police.

CBS News shared deceptively edited police bodycam footage in which the video was trimmed to leave out the portion of the video that shows Toledo was holding a firearm in the alleyway where he died.

Along Comes Hillary

Along comes evil Hillary Clinton. She hates the police and loves to get points by stirring the pot.

“Another child killed by police,” she tweeted as if the police are hunting down black children.

“Going to work, walking in the street, or being Black, Latino, or Asian American should not be a death sentence,” she said.

Maybe she should concern herself with the social ills of these ghettos so that children like Adam are able to join gangs, get a firearm, and wave it around at 2:30 in the morning as he’s chased by a police officer. Where were his parents???

She really is an evil woman, manipulative in the least. The woman doesn’t care if she endangers the police if she has an opportunity to pander.

The police will also have Antifa out to get revenge.

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