This Is How Bloomberg Quietly Plans to Steal the Election from Bernie


Michael Bloomberg has a plan to steal the primary win from Bernie Sanders. His plan involves winning on Super Tuesday with delegates, not popular votes. He is running as a Democrat, the party that hates old, white billionaires and wants only a popular vote.


Bloomberg is “privately lobbying Democratic Party officials and donors allied with his moderate opponents to flip their allegiance to him — and block Bernie Sanders — in the event of a brokered national convention,” Politico reports.

“The effort, largely executed by Bloomberg’s senior state-level advisers in recent weeks, attempts to prime Bloomberg for a second-ballot contest at the Democratic National Convention in July by poaching supporters of Joe Biden and other moderate Democrats, according to two Democratic strategists familiar with the talks and unaffiliated with Bloomberg.”

Bloomberg is gearing up for a brokered convention with the idea that he will take it away from Bernie on the second ballot with super delegates.

For that to happen, Bernie has to go into Super Tuesday with a plurality of votes, not a majority. The super delegates kick in on the second ballot.

Bloomberg’s “outreach has involved meetings and telephone calls with supporters of Biden and Pete Buttigieg — as well as uncommitted DNC members — in Virginia, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and North Carolina, according to one of the strategists who participated in meetings and calls.”

Democrats are afraid Bernie is unelectable because he has been honest about what he is.

“There’s a whole operation going on, which is genius,” said one of the strategists, who is unaffiliated with any campaign. “And it’s going to help them win on the second ballot … They’re telling them that’s their strategy.”

Meanwhile, Bloomberg hasn’t one vote or one delegate to his name, just a whole lot of money. He skipped the first four state primaries.

Democrats want money out of politics, but not his apparently.

The former New York City mayor has spent over $400 million so far to get to 19% in the polling.

He is presumptuous if nothing else.


The Democrats thought about reversing the rule that prevents super delegates or automatic delegates from voting on the first ballot. They sent out a trial balloon that was quickly burst.

That was a victory for the far-left, which is now in control of the party and the party leadership.

If Sanders secures a plurality of delegates but loses the nomination on a second ballot, many moderate and progressive Democrats alike predict the national convention in Milwaukee would devolve into chaos.

With the ignominious fall of the Democrat’s top tier candidates, the brokered convention looks like a real possibility. Bloomberg’s move is brilliant, but perhaps unethical. It will turn off the communists and socialists.

There Are Moderates and Centrists running? Who Knew?

Politico writes, “Many moderates, including Bloomberg’s supporters, fear that the centrist vote may be divided, allowing Sanders, the more progressive senator from Vermont, to reach the convention with more delegates than any of them.”

What ‘moderates,’ what ‘centrists?’ Are they kidding?

Sanders is the only candidate calling for a win with popular votes. The other candidates want the delegates to choose. That is the only way any of them will win over Bernie, or so it seems today.

Following the debate, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who has endorsed Bloomberg and chaired the 2012 Democratic National Convention, said a second ballot will likely be required this year.

“I think everybody’s going to be scrambling for delegates,” he said. “And I think all the candidates made that clear, except for Sanders.”

Bloomberg was terrible during the debate Wednesday, but he’s not stupid. He will do what Barack Obama did when he bombed in 2012. He will study up and do better. He’s also putting out ads, endless ads with his bottomless pocketful of cash.

Bloomberg thinks he is the best candidate to take on Bernie and Donald Trump. Therefore, in his arrogance, he plans to obliterate all the other candidates. His tactics are similar to the ones Hitler used when he grabbed power unexpectedly. We aren’t trying to say Bloomberg is Hitler, but he is not averse to using fascistic tactics since his ego tells him he’s the best.


Bernie Sanders is a communist, not a socialist. The Democratic Socialists are so extreme that they were kicked out of the Socialist Pary. They are to the left of the Communist Party USA. If you don’t believe me, study their agendas. That being said, we don’t want Bernie to win, but stealing the nomination from him is another matter.

The other issue is Politico calling any of these candidates ‘centrists.’ They all want unfettered abortion, open borders to varying degrees, free healthcare for illegal aliens, some form of healthcare that will immediately or eventually destroy private health insurance, high taxes, and increased spending, possibly stacking the Supreme Court, potentially eliminating the Electoral College, and all will look to more social justice programs.

None of them seem particularly competent, and all are extreme to varying degrees.

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