This Is How Donald Trump Will Attack Gov. DeSantis


Kellyanne Conway is a commentator on Fox News and still a loyal Trump supporter. She did say that she tells Donald not to attack people. It would benefit him. Many would agree with that. What Republicans fear the most is a DeSantis-Trump war that will hurt their chances of winning. It could hand over the presidency to Biden. We can’t survive him again. Who knows if we can now?

With that as background, Mike Allen and Josh Kraushaar at Axios claim to have the inside scoop on how Trump plans to attack DeSantis during the GOP primary.

The five-point Trump plan from Axios:

  1. DeSantis’ past support for changes to Social Security and Medicare, including votes as a U.S. congressman to raise the eligibility age for Medicare.
  2. Disloyalty to Trump after he helped DeSantis get elected governor in 2018. Trump also plans to pound DeSantis on likability.
  3. Trump wants to cast DeSantis as a lackey of former House Speaker Paul Ryan. On Trump’s social-media site, Truth Social, he attacked Ryan this week as a loser who “couldn’t get elected dogcatcher” and said he should resign or be fired as a Fox Corp. board member.
  4. DeSantis’ response to COVID is a top Trump target, even though the governor is known for resisting mask mandates. Trump plans to attack DeSantis’ caution in the earliest days of the pandemic — and try to fight the issue to a draw. A March 2020 headline in the Tampa Bay Times said: “DeSantis orders major shutdown of beaches, businesses in Broward, Palm Beach.” (DeSantis pushes back on this.)
  5. DeSantis took heat for muddled comments in a Fox News interview last week about whether to maintain financial and military support for Ukraine. Trump plans to portray DeSantis as wishy-washy on the war while he toes the MAGA line of cutting aid.

Donald Trump has already called DeSantis a RINO, the kiss of death, but we don’t see that yet.

The Left has begun to attack DeSantis now that it’s clear he will run for office. VICE put up a ‘hit piece’ that will vitalize Republicans. VICE is rejuvenating its readers by saying DeSantis will eliminate DEI, aka CRT.

As Rogan O’Handley says in the tweet below, this is how you eliminate “institutional racism.” DEI and CRT are anti-white racism.

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11 months ago

Oh, FFS, STOP with the DeSantis attacks. I’m so fkng SICK of hearing the asinine things people say about him. I voted for Trump twice and still admire him, but I also like DeSantis. Because I’m a grown-up who can like more than one person at a time.Try it, people. You might surprise youselves.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

DeSantis is going to discredit himself, for being disloyal, by being a Ukraine hawk, by being surrounded by rich establishment figures who hate Trump, and for not admitting the 2020 election was stolen.

Axios is a left wing gossip publication.

We are not going to survive Biden now. I keep reading and hearing that wee are done for if some next event happens.

11 months ago

I’m just hoping the US can last until January of 2025 with Traitor Joe in the White House. With Traitor Joe in the White House we are looking at WWIII, Civil War, or Financial Collapse. All three would be terminal and all three are real possibilities.

Right now, America’s only hope is President Trump and an America First VP to follow him for another 8 years. Right now, the Federal Government is out of sync with Americans according to 80% of the population. The only way a Democrat can win is by stealing the 2024 Election.

I can pack up and go work my Wife’s Family Farm Overseas if America goes to Hell. What is your plan except for Trump? Gov. DeSantis can’t handle the Bureaucrats and would just end up being another Biden – if he was lucky!

Last edited 11 months ago by GuvGeek