US Sending $400M Worth of Ammo, Rockets, Armored Bridges


Biden gave Ukraine $500 million in cash last week, and the next day, Janet Yellen gave them 1.25 billion as a first installment of a $10 billion package to support their entire government. A new package of direct U.S. military aid for Ukraine worth $400M will be approved Friday.

The Pentagon alone has released up to $32 billion in tax dollars with no end in sight as it continues to draw down existing weapons stocks.

We are well over $100 billion in cash and other payments in addition to military aid.

For the first time, the US is sending eight armored vehicles that can launch bridges and allow troops to cross rivers or other gaps.

U.S. officials told AP news service eight M60A1 vehicles that can launch bridges and allow troops to cross rivers or other gaps would form the bulk of the latest delivery.  Large amounts of ammunition, such as High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems rockets, will also be sent.

The Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge is a portable, 60-foot folding metal bridge carried on top of a tank body. Providing that system now could help Ukrainian troops as they launch the expected offensive and make it easier for troops to cross rivers to get to Russian forces.


Bakhmut appears ready to fall to Russian forces. Russia has seized about 20% of Ukraine’s territory. Some reports claim as high as 27%. Russia has most of the ports, except Odessa and other key sites.

Donald Trump wasn’t given any funds to put up a wall to limit the illegal aliens from around the world pouring into the country, but there is no limit for Ukraine. Some of these unlawful entrants are members of international terrorist organizations that traffick people and drugs. Others could well be terrorists and enemies from countries who are our enemies. Then there are the ne’er-do-wells who want freebies.

$400M here, $400M there, and pretty soon, you have a lot of money.

Blinken demanded Russia leave Ukraine but offered nothing in return. Russia won’t do that.

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