US Will NOT Commit to Unlocking US Energy, Only DIVERSIFICATION


“Whoever tries to interfere with us, and even more so, to create threats for our country, for our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences that you have never experienced in your history.

~ Russian President Putin

Energy will be paramount now that Russia is invading Ukraine. Russia is threatening the Western World “with consequences” we “have never experienced before.”

When asked about unlocking energy, Biden’s spokesperson today would not commit to unlocking our energy — and begin to drill again. He talked about the wartime reserves (which were bought by Donald Trump), asking other nations to unlock theirs, and asking oil producing nations to assist.

A reporter asked if the US was working with partners on alternative sources of energy in addition to the pipeline, and this was the response from Biden’s spokesperson:

“We have been frank, we have been candid with the American people that the measures we …are prepared to impose on the Russian Federation certainly won’t be cost-free for the Russian Federation but they won’t be entirely cost-free for the rest of the world as well. So, that is why we are working with countries around the world executing a plan producing and consuming to secure this ability of global energy supplies, whether that’s oil, whether that’s LNG, for energy consumers. As for energy consumers, and you heard this from Deputy National Security Adviser seen yesterday. He made the point that we all have strategic reserves at our disposal [reserves Donald Trump supplied].

“And those reserves we know could support the supply of global energy [they won’t last long].

“…there are other countries that have their own strategic supplies. For energy producers, we know that many of them have spare capacities…that could balance those markets in the event of any supply disruption. [Other countries, not ours???]

“More broadly, we’ve been very clear with the Russian Federation that any further attempt to weaponize energy, to constrict flows with malign geopolitical intent or purpose would have massive consequences.”

He then went on to say it would only increase the world’s efforts to continue diversifying energy. “And to your point, would only further longstanding effort to diversify energy supplies for Europe and the rest of the world.”

He’s talking climate change while Putin’s at war with the West, not only Ukraine.

They want “diversification of supplies,” but not with fossil fuels which China and Russia have plenty of and continue to develop. China builds new coal plants every other week.

They are going to continue their line that if we had alternative energy then one of this would have happened.

President Wrong will keep doing the wrong thing and get us into war.

Without a strong US, and we are not a strong US, NATO is nothing and Putin will continue to illegally annex Ukraine and might annex countries once in the Soviet Union.

The UN is a joke.

All talk and small sticks and small brains.


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