This is one of Tucker’s best monologues and it’s frightening


Rep. Cohen says all white male conservatives are potential terrorists, but that’s only the beginning of the outrageous actions and statements by Democrats — fascists — and they are not even in office yet.

The media wants a secret police force.

This is one of Tucker’s best monologues.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

When Tucker said Biden legitimately won the election, as he lost 40% of his audience over that, he supported the abuses of the election coup which led to the upcoming abuses. He is trying to regain his audience with his hypocrisy.

Tucker is done, unless he leaves fox and goes to an honest network. When we really needed Tucker, he betrayed us.

2 years ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Good point. The most important issue in a democracy, which many take for granted, is an honest election.
The fraud was so blatant that anyone who watched at least meaningful parts of the hearings and read or at least skimmed the forensic reports and audits, or read news reports about their findings, such as the court mandated forensic report on Antrim County, MI and the audit VOTERGA was allowed to do in a Georgia county, and the small audit which was all that was allowed after a court battle that the Republican Party of Arizona did, not only knows the election was stolen but is very sick about it.
The mainstream media, social media and democrats did everything they could to not only black out and stop that information but punish and scorn anyone who tried to bring the information to the attention of the wider public. Tucker caved to that immense power to fall in line, which in part came from within from Fox management, and joined that chorus. Shameful, because he has been an important force for news in the msm.
(That is why it is important to be aware of and visit some of the myriad of quality independent news sites not under the control of the msm. Unfortunately most people have no idea where to find additional news sources, and no motivation to try to, and are grossly underinformed and misinformed about so many important issues.)

John Vieira
2 years ago

We told you so !!!

Bird Is The Word
Bird Is The Word
2 years ago
Reply to  John Vieira

Many thanks and tips of the hat to all of those who warned us and pages like this one.
Most of them thought it would happen from 2008-2016 and you can bet the same crew is behind the Great Reset Leap Forward.
Just read a great article by Dennis Prager about why the left must crush free speech (dissent) stating that is just hot air in a balloon that no one with two brain cells and a synapse wants.
He says colleges keep conservatives away because they win hearts and minds and some students want to hear reality and not the cultural Marxist PC woke pablum.

Zimbabwe Yes We Can
Zimbabwe Yes We Can
2 years ago

The big takedown is here as the fifth column is out to deliver the prize known as North America.
The scroll at the bottom says it all with racial inequity, minimum wage, Paris Accord (redistribution), opening the borders to welfare wards of the state and terrorists.
Interstate travel mask mandate? Does that mean while you are in transit sitting in a vehicle?
Over various road trips during the summer all truck stops, restaurants, gas stations, welcome centers and rest areas, had mandatory mask wearing in effect across several state lines.
White male guardsman? Just imagine if he had mentioned any other race that he was wary or suspicious of.
The clutching of pearls, the wailing and gnashing would be legendary.
We’re all South Africans now.

John Vieira
2 years ago

Sad…Many may yet wish for a “Banana Republic”….as what they got is going to be immensely more “traumatic”…