This Is What a Perfect Progressive Feminist Looks Like


Lauren Duca, 28, a former Teen Vogue columnist, is a model progressive feminist and, as such, NYU decided to hire her as a journalism professor. She’s famous as a leftist twitter personality.

For instance, she made note of Billy Graham’s death in a tweet.

Her column for young teens, “Thigh-High Politics” is a Marxist hatefest for young kids.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, she made childish faces and blathered vapid comments. The sad thing is she was a hit with his idiotic friends on the left.

That’s the background and the reason NYU chose her to teach a summer course for six weeks, titled, “The Feminist Journalist.” The course included both high school and college students.

What followed next is remarkable but expected. She’s a loon, but she is the voice of progressivism.

The students complained about her.


All five students alleged that Duca’s class was disorganized and “a master class in Lauren Duca’s personal life.” (“The point of it is that I’m oversharing all the time. And I think that, yeah, some people like it, some people don’t. Apparently, you fucking hate it, but that’s fine,” Duca told me (the author of the BuzzFeed article.)

They (the students) said that she would vanish for 30 to 45 minutes per class to “meditate.” (“It was a three-hour class and we took a break and I would meditate for 15 minutes and they would be gone getting snacks and stuff,” Duca responded.) And that the class was a “waste of six weeks for all of us, and we don’t want anyone else to make this mistake again.”

They claim Duca would snap at them for small problems, accuse them of not having done the readings, and never actually read any of the assignments they submitted to her.

Duca responded that she did read all the assignments, though she added: “It’s okay if I’m not a great teacher because I’m great at lots of other things.”

But most galling is that all the students — both in interviews and in the formal complaint to the college — claim that Duca went out of her way to target one student in particular: an exchange student who was visiting New York for school. “Her English wasn’t perfect but that’s hard,” one student told me. “She came from another country. She was very courageous for taking this class.”

The students claimed that Duca would unfairly admonish this particular individual in class.

“We all clocked it two or three classes in,” said a classmate. They claimed that Duca said the student “won’t have a lot to say” during class presentations, that she refused to accept assignments from this student while accepting them from others, that she called her work “basic” and “vague,” and that during one class Duca made the student cry during a one-on-one meeting. To this Duca responded, “I said, ‘You need to do the work; she cried. Like, come on. Is that targeting? What am I supposed to do? ‘You didn’t do the work; here’s a trophy’?”

They Didn’t Want Her to Ever Teach a Class Again

“That day was the day that I decided that there’s no way we’re going to let this person teach students again. It was awful. It was absolutely awful,” one of the students told me.

“She definitely picked favorites, and she picked people she blatantly didn’t like,” said another. (In the complaint the students wrote to NYU, it says that Duca “consistently targeted this student on the basis of a communication difficulty the student cannot change.”)

Duca Becomes Agitated

As I continued asking Duca for comment about the specifics of the complaint, she became more and more agitated. “You should put in there that my tone was expressly pissed off and frustrated,” Duca told me (the article author Scaachi Koul). “You’re being so fucking hard on me, Scaachi, and I really, really, really, really would ask you if you would be grilling a man in this same way. It’s amazing. The shit that I have endured to continue to sustain a voice where I’m just fighting every inch for the same thing that I think that you want, which is public power and equality, and I’m trying my goddamn best, okay?”

“In a way,” one student told me, “she is that ‘worst idea’ that conservatives think liberals are.”

The line went silent and I asked Duca if she was still there. She was, and she continued questioning me about my motives around this article before saying, “Congratulations, you thrillingly, thrillingly adept journalist, you have discovered that Lauren Duca is not perfect. Put it in the headline, baby.”

We disagree. She is the perfect progressive feminist model.


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