This is what Biden will do immediately as president, even though he’s not elected yet


After a short period of economic growth and money in peoples’ pockets, Americans will return to the bad old days of a declining America.

Hell awaits for 70 million people. We will return to the Obama economy and our borders will flood with foreigners coming in illegally. Some will be people who hate us and mean us harm.

He will give amnesty to millions.

People close to Biden’s plans told the Washington Post that he plans to rejoin the Paris climate accords, which the U.S. officially left on Wednesday. That is the largest wealth redistribution plan Obama ever conceived. We give our wealth and resources to developing countries so they can burn fossil fuels.

He’s also reportedly planning to reverse the U.S.’s withdrawal from the China-tied World Health Organization, which is slated to take effect July 6, 2021.

Additionally, Biden has vowed to immediately do the following:

  • Repeal the immigrant ban on many Muslim-majority countries [terror nations that mean us harm]
  • Reinstate the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program

And he will bring back all the economy-killing Obama environmental rules that did nothing to save the earth or cool the climate.

He had said previously that he will immediately stop all deportations for 100 days.

This is a man who has sold out American manufacturing and other jobs for decades. He plans to continue selling us out and thinks he has a mandate to do it.

Biden isn’t even president yet and is planning his take over. When Trump tried to plan the transition, they claimed he was doing something nefarious with Russia.

He has an ethics plan, falsely claiming the Trump administration was the most corrupt when Obama’s clearly was. He wants taxpayers to fund campaigns now. Can you imagine?

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