This Is What Iran Has Been Doing Since They’ve Been Flush With Cash


Iran is burning U.S. flags, lobbing missiles into Israel and playing to the anti-Trump U.S. media but the reason they are doing it is not the unsigned Iran deal itself.  It is the fact that they see their cash flow being cut off.  
Americans need to know what they have been doing with the cash. This only touches the damage they cause.
This is What Iran has Been Doing in Syria

Iran has been using its sanction relief funds to establish hegemony and create chaos for its enemies. They have taken over Syria and that is evident in the fact that the attacks being lodged against Israel from inside Syria are coming from Iranians. Most of the targets the Israelis have hit are Iranian, not Syrian.

Iran is using Hezbollah to build up a second front in southern Syria for launching missiles into the Jewish state during the next, inevitable war.

Iran controls the Houthis in Yemen that have dstroyed that country which was in some order prior to the Obama administration taking power.

Obama’s Cash Might Have Turned Up in Iraq

In Iraq, they fought alongside Iraqis and now they want control of Iraq. They’re running for elections and millions have moved in.

Iraqi Police intercepted 31 boxes filled with stacks of $100 bills, smuggled from Iran, into Iraq, to be delivered to HADI AL-AMARI, head of the pro-Khomeiniist regime Badr militia and current Iraqi parliamentarian, for his re-election and ahead of the May 12th vote.

Iran is flush with cash. They received $1.7 billion in cash and gold from Barack Obama although he knew the cash and gold would be easier to funnel into countries to terrorists. He also released terrorist spies in this country to win Iran’s goodwill.

Since the sanctions have been lifted by the Iran “deal”, Iran has been trading with the West to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. The people are still impoverished which likely means the money is still primarily going to terrorism.

U.S. Hezbollah Has Gained a Foothold Thanks to the Iran “Deal”

Then we have the Iranian Hezbollah in our own country. They are running drugs, human trafficking, and any crime that will make money. Barack Obama wouldn’t do a thing about it because he wanted that awful nuclear deal.

Sharyl Attkisson has a good summary:

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) launched a task force in 2008 called “Project Cassandra” to crack down on Hezbollah [Iran-aligned, anti-Israel terror group]. This was based on evidence that the terrorist group was raising $1 billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities, sometimes in U.S. Because the U.S. failed to act in some cases, Hezbollah was left freer to attack U.S. interests in Iraq, Syria, Latin America and Africa; and it continues to move cocaine, weapons and money through the U.S. for terrorism purposes. Former Obama officials John Brennan and Lisa Monaco were cited as being among those who allegedly stood in the way of taking action against Hezbollah or wanted to cultivate a productive relationship with the terrorist organization…

Lebanon in Danger

Iran is winning in Lebanon and has just solidified their control over the border with Israel. Preliminary results indicate that Iran’s proxy Hezbollah and its allies won more than half the seats in Lebanon’s 128-seat parliament, consolidating the Shiite militia’s political grip on the country. The Sunni President will maintain control, but will be greatly weakened.

Iran is solidifying its power in Latin America. Foreign Minister Zarif wants to build Iran’s cooperation with Latin America on a ‘whole new level’ by “strengthening political & economic ties”. Iran is in our backyard.



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