This is what is in Pelosi’s $3T bill that MSM keeps secret


The crazy $3 trillion Pelosi bill, allegedly to provide relief from the virus, gives protection from deportation for almost every single illegal alien in the country. The bill will also give them citizenship quickly.

The reason Democrats put that in is that the foreigners vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Democrats are close to having a permanent electoral majority when it comes to the presidency. All they need is Florida or Texas to turn blue and they are close to getting there because of the demographics and the influx of foreigners.

Bloomberg’s pouring $8 million into the effort to turn Texas blue so he can take our guns.

The foreigners are pouring into Texas and Obama sent a lot of refugees to Texas. Demographics are changing quickly. They will eventually be California.

Democrats are the party of welfare and entitlements whereas the Republicans are for less government. Democrats will give foreigners lots of help until our economy crashes.

This is why Democrats want open borders.

What happened to cities like California and New York is the foreigners control the government. They turned the states into one-party states. New York and California are socialist Democrat states and they keep moving further left.

Of course, none of this has a thing to do with COVID. They should be thrown into jail as traitors to our country.

Pelosi’s socialist bill mentioned Marijuana 64 times. Her bill would give pot sellers access to U.S. banks even though the sale of marijuana is against federal law.

What does that have to do with COVID-19?


The Democrat bill will also allow the release of tens of thousands of prisoners.

Another shocker is the rich, the billionaires they allegedly hate will be allowed to write off all their real estate taxes on their many homes. All of the Trump tax cuts will be gone.

There is much more that’s equally disgusting, but these are the most stunning items.

The next time Democrats are in power, we will be a one-party socialist nation in no time.

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2 years ago

From someone sympathetic, you sound like a triggered snowflake.

Look, y’all need to run more on the cortex and less on the limbic.

“What happened to cities like California and New York is the foreigners control the government”. Newsflash, California is a state, not a city.

Please breathe into a paper bag before sitting down to write as you’re making a bad example.

John Vieira
2 years ago

Face facts…the ONLY reason the Democrats are still a formidable force and the Republic is one election/universal vaccination away from utter collapse is because of the “enemy of the people” the MSM and their willing recruits after the fraudulent Russiagate which allowed the as, if not more loathsome and despicable, censors in social media to enter the fray in their push to control the “narrative”…

Slurms McKenzie
Slurms McKenzie
2 years ago

Don’t forget about the 18 GOP governors who are still accepting future lifetime democrat voters.
The GOP is chock full of wizards of smart who think that inside every undocumented democrat voter there is a republican just waiting to emerge.
They’ll have plenty of time to rethink that winning winnarz strategy as they never win another election.
How about a San Fran Nan ice cream flavor? It could be called let them eat Venezuela.
It will be way overpriced and full of crap just like the glorious and fragrant people’s republic of San Francisco.

herbert r richmond
2 years ago

If Pelosi wins the country will be completely lawless. wasteland of chaos and poverty.

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
2 years ago

You will be how you vote. Remember that in November