This is What the GOP Learned from the Election & Check Out What AOC Learned


Republicans passed around a memo on lessons learned from this election. They stressed four points. They should add a fifth point – don’t make everything political. Education is not political. Law enforcement should not be political. Inflation is not political. Stick to policies and have a clear plan of how to fix the mess.
[But do look at what AOC learned at the end]

“First, the concerns of parents need to be a tier 1 policy issue for Republicans: Youngkin’s success reveals that Republicans can and must become the party of parents,” the memo stated. “There is real energy from parents that we need to understand. The good news is RSC has been working for months to build out an agenda in education that will fight for and empower parents. This will include needed oversight of the Biden administration.”

[Democrats are now running around saying they can’t let Republicans become the party of parents.]

“Second, we need to end the mandates,” the memo added. “In a Washington Post Op-ed Youngkin wrote, ‘Most important, we will never lock down our economy again.’ And it’s not just business restrictions. Youngkin opposes vaccine mandates and mask mandates in public schools. We’ve been doing this at the federal level already: Claudia Tenney and I introduced a bill to prevent OSHA from instating its unconstitutional vaccine mandate.”

“Third, we must continue to back the blue,” the memo continued. “Youngkin pledged to increase funding for police departments and protect ‘Qualified Immunity for our Law Enforcement Heroes,’ which House Democrats tried to end through their police reform bill. Crime, and particularly homicides, have spiked in Virginia and in every other state. In July, a USA Today poll found that crime, ahead of everything else, was the number one issue Americans were most concerned about.”

“Fourth, we must continue to focus on the failures of the Biden economy,” the memo added. “Youngkin focused on providing relief to runaway inflation caused by the Biden economy and on not locking down the economy again. Our early focus on runaway inflation and the growing supply chain crisis is hitting home with voters. We need to keep hammering away and work on bringing solutions to the table to address their concerns. In 2020, Biden won Virginia by 10 points and the year before Democrats took over both chambers of Virginia’s statehouse.”


Crazy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks they weren’t WOKE enough in Virginia and that was the problem. Let’s hope they run on that and on banning parents from the education of their own children.


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