This Is What War Means for the United States


A war president?

Presidents Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky have done nothing to stop this war in Ukraine and now Congress is sending billions of dollars and weapons that will keep it going. Talk show hosts and legacy media are almost exclusively pushing war.

We are already in a proxy war with Russia but it’s in danger of becoming much more than that.

Innocent people are wounded, dying, and being displaced over a senseless war, and the West is being dragged into it while the US has fools running the country and is in extraordinary debt.

Russian President Putin already said he sees sanctions as an act of war. We may not agree but if he says it is, it is. He’s the one at war. Yet, the US is still looking for a way to send jets to Ukraine. No matter what they say, it is an escalation.

So far, the sanctions will hurt Americans as much as Russia and have the potential to cause permanent financial ruin for the United States.

Syrian forces are on their way to join Russian troops to make a point as foreigners answer Zelensky’s call to join him in war with the invaders.

We are in grave danger of ending up in a Third World War with at least one nuclear nation.

NATO should not be involved. Ukraine is not a member of NATO and NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The North Atlantic does not include Ukraine.

NATO shouldn’t be considering accepting them into the EU and Kamala Harris shouldn’t have told Zelensky to join NATO shortly before the war began. Why poke the bear?

If we go to war, China, Turkey, perhaps India, Syria, Iran, Pakistan might well sign up with Russia. Think about the nations who will see the West as in decline and will not sign up with the West.

We must not go to war. It’s absolute insanity to consider it. Instead of de-escalating, US media, talking heads, the regime are adding to the problem. The US should be pushing Zelensky into a peace deal if possible. That is not happening.

And what is this lunacy of isolating Russians in this country? Are we going back to the days of Japanese internments?

Why is Ukraine so important? Why are their borders and sovereignty of utmost importance, but not the US’s? It is heartbreaking to see what is happening to the Ukrainians and Putin is a monster, but the US and Zelensky should be doing everything in their power to put an end to this terrible situation.

Yes, this is insane.

So far, Biden has steadfastly refused to send jets to Ukraine or take further steps to antagonize Putin. Let’s hope that continues. Could you imagine him as a war president? He’s responsible for the Afghanistan surrender to bands of 7th-century thugs.

We are not winning these wars we keep entering into. We change presidents frequently and we can’t guarantee a satisfactory conclusion to any foreign war. One president starts it and the next one ends it badly — all based on politics. Except for the war to save Kuwait, we’ve been involved in disastrous wars.

It’s different if we are defending ourselves or our NATO allies, but this isn’t that.

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