This is what will happen to Rush’s show now that he’s gone


We lost the legendary Rush Limbaugh this week at age 70 to lung cancer and his viewers, certainly not me, were ready for it. Everyone is wondering what iHeart radio will do with his show.

The Washington Examiner answered the question. Rush will remain on air for now.

The Rush Limbaugh Show will continue to be broadcast using old clips of the conservative icon’s voice and will continue “until his audience is prepared to say goodbye,” Premiere Networks, a division of iHeartMedia said in an internal memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

Limbaugh can continue to be heard from noon to 3 p.m. on weekdays.

“No one can replace Rush Limbaugh,” said Hosea Belcher, the senior vice president of affiliate marketing for Premiere Networks.

It is a terrible loss for so many of us. It seems too sudden, too soon, ill-timed, and leaving Rush on air for a while eases the pain. No one can replace him.

Rush wanted to be the best radio host and ended up revolutionizing and revising radio as an important medium for information. He was brilliant.

The last time Rush spoke to his audience was two weeks ago today.

Rush’s producer ‘Bo Snerdley’ addressed the loss last night on ‘Hannity.’ It was very touching.

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