This is why Americans don’t trust our leaders & the experts


The experts said if Trump withdrew from the Iran deal, there’d be war and Iran would have nukes. The experts were wrong.

The experts said if Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, there’d be war. The experts were wrong.

The experts said if Trump killed Qasem Soleimani, there’d be war. The experts were wrong.

The experts said if Biden withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban would not sweep back into power. The experts were wrong.

~ Erick Erickson writes

The list could be a lot longer and should include the ‘most secure election ever’ lie. And they wonder why we don’t believe them. They’re liars and fools, especially Joe Biden. He wouldn’t even return from vacation as catastrophe struck in Afghanistan with Americans and soldiers stranded there.

They are stranded:

The Chancellor of Germany and the President of France addressed their nations, but not him.

Finally, after increased pressure from his own allies, he returned, gave a teleprompter speech, never offering his plan for the stranded Americans, and went right back on vacation.

Before he left, he didn’t have the humility to admit his mistakes and instead blamed the humiliating and devastating collapse of Afghanistan on Bush, Obama, Trump, the Afghan people, the Afghan president, and the Afghan military.

He doesn’t appear to care about anyone, not Americans, not stranded Americans, not Afghans — unless they’re terrorists.

Deflecting So He Doesn’t Have to Admit His Mistakes

Of course, many can share the blame for the twenty years in Afghanistan. However, this withdrawal is the worst in U.S. history, and beyond.

Barack Obama and Donald Trump negotiated with the Taliban and released prisoners as a way to get out of Afghanistan. It seems like a terrible idea but we will leave that to the historians. However, that’s not the problem here. The problem is the unplanned, violent, chaotic withdrawal. Biden keeps deflecting and pretending it’s about leaving Afghanistan.

And we are supposed to trust him?

It greatly helps the Chinese Communists. Watch:

Speaking at a press conference in Kentucky, McConnell said that Biden “owns” the debacle in Afghanistan, fearing that the optics of American weakness will embolden terrorists around the world.

“What we are seeing in Afghanistan is an unmitigated disaster. The Biden Administration’s retreat will leave a stain on the reputation of the United States. And it didn’t have to happen this way,” McConnell declared.

He also expressed deep emotions over the stranded Americans and Afghans who helped us.

I’m no fan of McConnell’s, we don’t trust him either, but he’s got this right. Watch:

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