Afghanistan couldn’t fall since it never existed


“…And as the Chinese come in to set up mines, run roads, and offend the locals, they’ll find out what we, the British, and the Russians learned.

Afghanistan doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s its own forever war of quarreling tribes…

The final act of fighting terrorism is bringing the terrorists to America to create more terror…”

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow wrote a compelling argument at Frontpage magazine, Afghanistan Didn’t fall: It Never Existed.
Here’s an excerpt:

Afghanistan didn’t fall because it never existed.  The Afghan army laid down its arms because it also never existed. And not just because many of the 300,000 soldiers were imaginary. Its Pashtun members surrendered to their fellow Taliban Pashtuns, or fled to Iran or Uzbekistan, depending on their tribal or religious affiliations which, unlike Afghanistan, are very real.

The Afghan army was there because we spent $90 billion on it. Much like Afghanistan with its president, its constitution, and its elections existed because we spent a fortune on it. When we left, the president fled, the army collapsed, and Afghanistan: The Musical closed in Kabul.

Afghanistan isn’t a country. It’s a stone age Brigadoon of quarreling tribes, ethnic groups, Islamic denominations, and warlords manned by young men with old Russian and American rifles. Unlike the fiction of a democratic Afghanistan, that is something they will die for.

Afghanistan, like its neighbors, lives in a medieval sphere of influence with a medieval, fascist version of religion to guide them along with sociopaths who run around putting peoples’ heads on pikes. They treat women like dogs and children aren’t treated much better in too many cases.

They’ve been at war for hundreds of years and the idea of making them into a modern democracy was always fantastical.

Now we allegedly have to get 40,000 Americans out of Afghanistan but they’re almost all Afghans, some with dual citizenship. Since many are reportedly going to Texas and Wisconsin, we see future Democrat voters.

The Americans we have to get out???

Who thinks some of these people are terrorists?

There are basically two tribes who are at war and they like it that way. We hear reports of soldiers having agreed beforehand to lay down their arms when the Taliban rushed through. That’s how they were able to move so quickly.

The Washington Post, a paper of ill-repute, says some of the soldiers feel shame. Maybe some.

Can you imagine what the army thought when the US brought in the gender studies and the PC nonsense?

Greenfield made another point:

American forces peaked at 25,000 under Bush. Obama quadrupled them to 100,000. That’s the year more American soldiers were wounded than during the entire Bush administration.

1,200 Americans died during Obama’s Afghanistan surge, not just because he quadrupled the number of soldiers, but because the military was told to stop trying to defeat the Taliban.

Our soldiers became community organizers with guns who were told not to fight.

No hearts and minds were won. But cemeteries filled up with boys from Texas and West Virginia who weren’t allowed to shoot back because Obama wanted to win Muslim hearts and minds.

As Joey Jones says in this clip, they have a warlord type of leadership and that’s what they want. It’s what they are used to. So, basically, Afghanistan is not a country.


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