This Is Why ‘Trump Once Fought Sprinklers’ Is Trending Everywhere


The news about the Trump Tower fire should be that the building is built so well, the fire was confined to one apartment. The New York City Fire Commissioner said about the fire,  “it was very confined, the building is very well built, it held up quite well”. Instead, it has become a bash Trump event.

There are several attacks based on gossip or speculation but the main attack is about the lack of a sprinkler system. It is fake news since no building built before 2000 had sprinkler systems.

The cause of the fire is still unknown but there are indications it was “accidental”.

Along with most builders, Trump lobbied against retrofitting buildings for sprinkler systems in 1999. In heavily regulated New York City, it would have been a nightmare.

That has become the main talking point and there is a reason for that.

Google Has An Anti-Trump Algorithm

Google appears to have set their algorithm to make that the article you see when you search using certain terms. For example, I searched for “United Nations’ building sprinklers”. The UN building didn’t have them at least until 2010 and maybe doesn’t to this day. The thugs in the U.N. wanted a billion U.S. tax dollars to retrofit the building which was put up in 1952.

It was almost impossible to find that information in a google search.

Instead, that search on google gave me pages and pages, almost exclusively, of articles reporting, “Trump once fought measure requiring sprinklers…”

A search on Bing was much better but still flawed, and a search on Duck Duck Go gave me almost exclusively what I asked for.

Googling the word, “sprinklers”, brings up two of the ‘Trump fought sprinklers’ stories at the top. Googling, “Trump Tower”, brings up different, gossipy stories hurting Trump for several pages.

It is obvious that Google set up their algorithm to bring up negative stories about Trump.


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