Thought leader David Horowitz: ‘We’re in the first stages of a fascist state’


Famous conservative thinker and author David Horowitz, a reformed communist, sent out an alarming warning on Newsmax last night. He believes that Democrats are trying to “criminalize” the First Amendment rights of Americans as the nation is in “the initial stages to becoming a fascist state.”

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s “The Count” Saturday night with Tom Basile, Horowitz, a prominent Jewish conservative, warned that Christians are set to see increasing persecution as the Democrats control Washington.

People should have guessed that outcome from the way Democrats handled the COV response. You can gamble, go to pot stores, shop at Walmarts, but you can’t go to church or a synagogue?


Horowitz said the Democratic Party had embraced an anti-Christian agenda that was vigorously implemented by Barack Obama, “the most anti-Christian, most anti-religious president in history.”

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