Joe Biden, not science, sets the date for booster shots


Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the Pfizer-BioNTech shot will likely be the only approved COVID-19 vaccine booster by Sept. 20.

That is the date Dr. Joe Biden, the world-renowned immunologist set. Oh, he’s not a doctor or an immunologist? Strange, because he set a date for beginning booster shots even though two leading FDA doctors said it’s too soon and we need more data. They quit over it.

Why is Biden deciding? What is this madness for getting shots about? Especially since he cares nothing about medicine to help the afflicted? Why isn’t science the determining factor? Biden sets a date and that’s it?

The FDA asked for a delay but for odd reasons. Moderna wants to do a smaller 50cc dose to reach more people and have fewer side effects. FDA wants 100cc to reduce confusion from changing dosages and avoid wastage from discarding unused doses in a vial.

Oh, so it’s about not wasting a vial?

When asked by guest host Weijia Jiang on CBS’s “Face the Nation” if the Biden administration is still planning on administering booster shots on Sept. 20, Fauci said that is still the plan “in some respects.”

He said only Pfizer is expected to have the necessary data.

“We were hoping that we would get the, both the candidates, both products, Moderna and Pfizer, rolled out by the week of the 20th. [Not J&J which is a typical vaccine and launched by a friend of Trump’s?] It is conceivable that we will only have one of them out but the other would likely follow soon thereafter,” Fauci said.

“And the reason for that is that we, as we’ve said right from the very beginning, we’re not going to do anything unless it gets the appropriate FDA regulatory approval and then the recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Looks like Pfizer has their data in and likely would meet the deadline,” Fauci added.

Right. There is even a legal question as to whether they have legal approval for any mandatory shots, much less boosters and shots for children which is where this is headed.


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