Threads’ Active Users Drop 70% After Two Weeks


Meta’s Threads, the so-called competitor to Twitter, has fallen drastically in viewership. Their initial high on opening day, July 7, was because, when people signed up, they could bring over their Instagram people. They immediately had a huge flurry of active users.

The reports came in two days ago, but according to Similar Web, it’s still trending down. No one’s mentioning it right now, but they began censoring people on day one. We can’t help but wonder if that is having an effect.


The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that following the initial search, the number of daily active users fell to 13 million, a drop of around 70% from its July 7 peak, according to market intelligence firm Sensor Tower data.

Sensor Tower

Additionally, the average time spent on the IOS and Android apps has also plummeted to just four minutes from 19 minutes with the average Android user, dropping to five minutes from a peak of 21 minutes on launch day, according to data from Similar Web.

Threads down 70%
For Now, Twitter Has Nothing to Worry About

By comparison, Twitter has around 200 million daily active users daily, and the average time spent on the site is 30 minutes daily. People are finding that Threads is too limited. That doesn’t mean it will grow and become much better in time. But it stinks right now. They are working on additional features and aren’t worried.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “It’s clear by the drop-off that people are seeing they can’t do as much, and there are certain things that they want to be able to do that perhaps they can do on other apps,” said Richard Hanna, a professor at Babson College who studies social-media strategy and digital marketing. There is a need to increase what the app can do, he said.

Some writers and reviewers have said that Threads, which was built using Instagram’s infrastructure, might seem dull to certain users if they choose to follow the same people they follow on Instagram since some of those accounts may not be posting nearly as frequently as they do on Twitter. Company brands have been prevalent so far on Threads, an issue that some users have complained about on the platform.

A drop of 70% is a lot in a short time. We hope it fails since it’s one more censorship, misinformation vehicle tied to globalists and the Biden administration.

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