Threat of Hot War Between Armenia and Azerbaijan – WWIII Fears


Armenians and Azerbaijanis are colliding into a hot war at a time when the world is on the precipice of WW III over Ukraine. Iran is on the side of Armenia, and the US, Turkey, and Pakistan support Azerbaijan.

This is as the US is ruled by an imbecile and a military leadership responsible for the surrender of Afghanistan to 7th-century thugs.

Peter Zeihan said the Azerbaijanis are not as bad as they used to be, and they have drones, which gives them an advantage.

Iran doesn’t want a powerful Azerbaijan on their borders.

Zeihan explains the lobbying war in the US.

There are protests in front of the Russian embassy in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

George Papadopoulos wrote on X, “Azerbaijan just started to attack Armenia as I predicted. World War III is spreading. Quickly.

“There is a new hot spot emerging: Azerbaijan, funded by Turkey and armed with jihadists, is on the verge of attacking Armenia. Russian special forces have entered Armenia and Iran is sending troops to the border. This is the consequence of killing American energy at home and depending on foreign pipeline deals. Watch this space, closely. World War III might have started in Ukraine, but it’s quickly moving in Africa and the Caucasus now too.”

Here’s another analysis.

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