Three Big Lies About Robert Mueller’s “Snitty” Letter


The Democrat Party media wasn’t very fair-minded in reporting about Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony on Wednesday. Their omissions in reporting left an opening for Democrats to claim Robert Mueller was angry with Barr for the way he handled the 4-page summary and that Barr lied about it.

The Attorney General referred to the Mueller letter as “snitty,” but it was much worse than that.

Barr explained how it actually went down during the Wednesday testimony, but the media isn’t reporting it.

Marc Thiessen addressed the truth in an op-ed for the Washington Post.


Before writing the 4-page summary of the top conclusions of the Mueller report, AG Barr gave special counsel Mueller an opportunity to look at the document and offer comments or edits. Mueller did not take him up on it.

It certainly makes Mueller’s “snitty letter” look even pettier and more inappropriate given the fact that he could have addressed it before the release. And he doesn’t look good now for not clarifying and letting Barr take all these potshots.

Not only that, Barr overrode normal Justice Department procedures to release the full Mueller report to the public with few redactions. If Congress wants to see the report with even fewer redactions, that’s also available.

Barr also testified that the DOJ knew the redactions, which are legally necessary, would delay the release. Therefore, they encouraged Mueller’s team to identify those portions that would need to be redacted.

Mueller would have reduced the time it took to release the report if he had done that. He chose not to. He didn’t bother. The team did not identify redactions and that left it to Barr’s team to redact the report.


The issues that Rep. Jerry Nadler and other Democrats are carrying on about were set up by Robert Mueller and his team due to their lack of cooperation or inefficiency or lack of interest or something else. Whatever it is, the confusion Mueller complained about in his letter is mostly his fault. He could have made corrections to the Barr review but didn’t, and he could have sped up the release, but chose not to. Barr did what he could.

The Democrats will say anything to discredit Bill Barr and the media will cover for Robert Mueller and his team of Democrat investigators. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

And this is why people hate the media. As for Mueller, why isn’t he coming out and explaining, taking Bill Barr off the hook?

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