Biden Illegally “Forgives” Another $7.7B in College Loans


While people who earned college degrees don’t have to pay their loans, Americans will be saddled with their debt. In another loan giveaway, Biden “forgave” $7.7 billion in debt for the lucky holders of free college degrees. He has no legal right to do it, but he is an authoritarian.

It covers 160,000 debt holders. It goes from soaring debt holders to skyrocketing impoverished masses who don’t have the degrees to show for it.

It’s a shameless vote-buying stunt.

In April, the administration announced another round of cancellations, totaling $7.4 billion for 277,000 borrowers, and declared a new group of student debt relief proposals that could go into effect this fall. Wednesday’s addition brings the total number of Americans who have had loans canceled to 4.75 million, relieving an average of over $35,000, the White House said.

He is working on new proposals to wipe away interest of borrowers and put the burden on middle class Americans.

Biden is doing this through the SAVE plan (Saving on a Valuable Education), which he illegally concocted.

How many nitwits had their loans forgiven?

In April, Robby Starbuck said,

“Kamala Harris says the new Biden initiative will forgive student loans “regardless of your income and even if you did not graduate” for 25 million people. Our country’s broke, and Democrats are signing you up to pay for people’s college even if they make more than you do.”

And if they goofed off and didn’t even earn the degree.

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