Throupler Katie Hill Tweeted Up a Storm Against Justice Kavanaugh


Throupler Rep. Katie Hill, a Democrat, has been dodging reporters’ questions about her affair with two young staffers, one of whom she later promoted.

The Daily Caller staked out her office Tuesday to question her and she called the police on their reporter. It didn’t go anywhere — no arrests.

There aren’t any new nude photos of Ms. Hill today, but CNBC is reporting that her husband claimed in the divorce suit he got multiple jobs at a nonprofit due to her “influence.”


A House ethics investigation is looking into her affairs with young staffers. In the #MeToo era, it is not acceptable.

Ms. Hill is mind-blowingly hypocritical and she really is a problem for the Democrats. Her stance against Justice Kavanaugh is really not playing well now.

Her aggressive verbal attacks against the Justice last year look especially bad in light of her escapades with underlings.

Twitchy and a number of other right-wing sites have been posting her anti-Kavanaugh tweets. They do suggest that she suffers from a lack of self-awareness.

Here is something she should not have said in hindsight:

This isn’t working in her favor either:

This is the epitome of hypocrisy:

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