Thug hits older man from behind with a brick, Instagram says post is OK


Watch this younger man run up behind an older man and hit him in the hit from behind with a brick. A man named Tray Savage posted it to Instagram with the hashtag ‘Whitelivesdon’tmatter.’ and ‘blacklivesmatter.’ This took place in Baltimore.

The user, Tray Savage, commented: “Young man you got knocked the f*** out! B****, you better not run! Unk tried to kill you. White Lives Do Not Matter, Black Lives Matter.”


This lowlife thug hitting an older man from behind with a brick from r/iamatotalpieceofshit

This is the post:

A number of Twitter users said it’s likely polar bear hunting”

Users reported the video (see below) for violating Instagram’s (Facebook) terms of service against glorifying violence, but the social media giant decided that the post was not in violation.

The user deleted it but the Internet is forever. We don’t know who did it or what happened to the older man. We also don’t have a date of when this happened.

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