Tim Pool on the “Bloviating Braggart” for Our Newsbreak 2 Minutes


Tim Pool explains why he’s voting for Donald Trump. The Biden trip to Ukraine was “like being punched in the balls as hard as possible. We need a bloviating braggart like Trump who really will go down to East Palestine if that’s what it takes,” Tim said.

“With the East Palestine stuff, with seeing Joe Biden go to Ukraine, I’m like, I’m voting for Trump,” Tim Pool said.

He likes Ron DeSantis but feels he’s the COO and Trump’s the CEO.

“Donald Trump is the crazy guy. ‘Get me a plane. I’m flying to East Palestine right now, and Joe Biden’s the guy who says, ‘whatever my boss tells me to do. I’ll go do,’ and then gives away our money. And then Ron DeSantis is the one who like, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna do it right. We’re gonna fix what people want.’ But that’s a COO.'”

He said Joe Rogan should have endorsed Donald Trump.

His crew also addressed failures with the vaccine.

But then he gave the bottom line if Trump were in office, Pool said, “we’d be better off” than we are now.

Imagine if Donald Trump got a big bump in 2020; we’d have avoided all these controversies now. Pool said he realizes Trump is “kind of a gross guy in a lot of ways; I get it.

“I hear from a lot of people saying ‘he says nasty things.'”

“I wish he didn’t, but I really, really do feel in my heart or hearts, if Donald Trump were president right now, East Palestine would have been taken care of. He’d be watching Tucker Carlson. Tucker would be like a major disaster would happen. And Trump would be like, ‘I do not want people mad at me about this,’ I’m getting on a plane first thing. Get the job done.

“There’d be no war in Ukraine. He’d be like, ‘that has nothing to do with us. Don’t know, don’t care.'”

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