Time Discloses Why Hakeem Jeffries Is Not An Election Denier


Hakeem Jeffries, an election denier, is the new Leader of the House Democrats. Time Magazine explains that he isn’t really an election denier. He is a Democrat, after all. They say that the term ‘election denier’ only applies to Republicans. It is Republican culture.

Time Magazine Tries to Excuse Jeffries

The term “election denier” has taken on a particular meaning, however, after Trump’s failed re-election campaign. The phrase has come to be associated with Republicans who claim the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, assert without evidence there was fraud in 2020 voting, and cast doubt on secure voting systems—claims that lead to the deadly January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Calling Jeffries an “election denier’ is misleading and conflates different issues. “Casting unfounded doubt on the outcome of an election is irresponsible when either party does it,” says Rachel Orey, associate director of the Elections Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington think tank. “But I think it’s important to remember that the culture around elections was quite different before 2020.”

We have two systems. One for Democrats, where they’re never wrong, and for Jeffries, where he didn’t say what we heard him say repeatedly. We have another system for Republicans, where they’re always wrong. The media will defend and protect that principle without hesitation. Democrats will scream insults, rationalize, or just make stuff up to bring us into their ‘truth.’

This is why they don’t like free speech. it gives the other side a voice and allows them to correct a few things, as we do below. Election denialism is just another clever term. No one denied the election, but it is democratic to examine blatant and bizarre flaws and try to correct them.

Here Is Jeffries denying the election:

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