Title IX Definitions Rewritten to Include Controversial Sexual Orientation and Gender Ideology Theories


Title IX Definitions Rewritten to Include Controversial

Sexual Orientation and Gender Ideology Theories


Sexual orientation and gender ideology have been added to the traditional definition of sex as male and female for the purposes of Title IX of the 1972 Federal Education Amendments.  Title IX gave women equal opportunities to men in sports, scholarships, and programs in schools by preventing discrimination in activities and programs that receive federal funding.

The administration’s changes to Title IX, as of Aug.1, 2024, will conflict with the religious beliefs of millions of Americans whose faiths teach that God created two sexes, male and female. Teachers and students whose religious beliefs in this regard differ from this newly mandated definition will be at risk of discipline, termination, and religious discrimination if they continue to live and exercise their faith as set forth in the 1st Amendment.

The new rule equates self-chosen gender identity with God-given biological sex and says that a person’s self-chosen gender identity cannot prevent their participation in any education program or activity.  Attorneys studying the redefinitions foresee that the rule will not allow separate bathrooms, locker rooms, and housing for biological males and females and that women’s sports will be endangered. The rule will give legal support to those state and local governments that are already making policies and forcing adherence to these cultural influences.

Following the same ideology, New York state will vote this Nov.5 on a Constitutional amendment to expand the equal protection clause of the state constitution. That clause currently protects against discrimination by race, color, creed, or religion. Proposed changes would add protected age categories, gender identity, gender expression, reproductive healthcare, and autonomy.

The federal Title IX redefinitions and proposed New York state’s constitutional amendment are seen by many as cultural bombs…. imposing an ideology that denies millions of Americans important and basic religious beliefs as well as their right to live their faith and educate their children in their faith.

As summarized by an attorney familiar with these issues, “These redefinitions at the federal and state levels are the same in their intent.  However, because one is a federal law and the other a state constitutional amendment, they can be weaponized in different ways by different government entities and private citizens, with different penalties and civil damages that can be levied in different regulatory and judicial forums.  So, they open a multi-front war.  That dangerous fact should not be underestimated.”

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