TN arrests & charges afflicted homeless man who escaped forced confinement


California is putting the homeless up in Motel 6s although they are trying to get the Ritz Carlton for them. They ply them with alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Tennessee has a different approach. They have them incarcerated in a detention camp, labeled a temporary shelter. If they leave, they are captured, arrested, and charged with a crime although they are violating no law on the books.

One 39-year-old homeless man with coronavirus escaped the facility, the Nashville Fairgrounds, was tracked down, arrested, and charged with a crime.

The authorities are using enforced imprisonment to contain the virus. Their actions do not have the force of law.

The Chinese Communist Party confined their people, although they were videotaped boarding the people up in apartments.


According to an arrest affidavit, a 39-year-old man was taken to the Nashville Fairgrounds on Monday and placed under quarantine by the Metro Nashville Public Health Department because he tested positive for the coronavirus. He could not leave until he was cleared.

“Metro Parks has charged the man with a single count of escape from a penal institution, a class A misdemeanor. The statute that defines this crime makes no mention of it being used to enforce quarantine orders. When asked about the legal authority to make this arrest, the Metro Health Department cited a different section of law that classifies violating quarantine as a class B misdemeanor, which is a less serious offense,” according to The Tennessean.

“Residents across Nashville have been instructed by the mayor to remain at home as much as possible, but those who venture outside don’t face arrest. However, residents who test positive for coronavirus can be ordered into quarantine, which police can enforce,” The Tennessean reports.

The approach is not all that different in Wuhan, China, under the Chinese Communist Party. Not sure if the captured escapees are charged with a crime in China or worse.

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