Today, WOKES ignore SCOTUS and fine a Christian baker, tomorrow they come for you


A Denver court on Tuesday fined local bakery Masterpiece Cakeshop $500 after co-owner Jack Phillips refused to make a cake celebrating a transgender woman’s birthday and transition.

The baker already won at the U.S. Supreme Court, but WOKE Democrats don’t care about the Constitution or the Supreme Court. They will harass Jack Phillips until he’s out of business.

Denver is now a far-left blue city in a blue state.

Autumn Scardina filed a lawsuit against Masterpiece Cakeshop in 2017, after the bakery refused to bake her a pink cake with blue frosting, symbolizing her gender transition.

Phillips testified that the bakery refused to bake the cake “based on the message they believed it would have conveyed – that a person can change genders and that a gender transition should be celebrated,” according to the ruling.

Judge Bruce Jones on Wednesday ordered Phillips to pay $500 to Scardina for violating Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA), according to the article.

Kristen Waggoner, general counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom said that Phillips will appeal the decision.

“We will appeal this decision and continue to defend the freedom of all Americans to peacefully live and work according to their deeply held beliefs without fear of punishment,” Waggoner wrote in a statement.

“Jack Phillips serves all people but shouldn’t be forced to create custom cakes with messages that violate his conscience,” she added.

Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted Wednesday, “Shameful. This is religious persecution. Naked & unabashed. And it is lawless disregard of binding Supreme Court precedent.”


Mr. Phillips is defending his religious rights. It won’t be long before this far-left administration goes after the Little Sisters of the Poor. Right now, they’re after a Christian baker who has been an ongoing target for harassment. In the world of the Left, there is no end and they must have their way on every issue.

“Jack is being targeted for his religious beliefs,” says Kristen Waggoner, general counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, who defended Mr. Phillips in his first case and continues to represent him. “His opponents are weaponizing the law to punish and destroy him because he won’t create expression that violates his Christian faith. They want to make the law an arm of cancel culture.”  The final quote from Waggoner in the story: “Today it’s Jack. Tomorrow it could be you.”

Tomorrow, it will definitely be you.

Mr. Phillips owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo., and holds traditional views on marriage and sexuality. The first legal action against him came via the Colorado Civil Rights Commission when in 2012 he declined to bake a custom cake for a same-sex wedding and found himself accused of unlawful discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. This time he’s being sued because he wouldn’t bake a cake celebrating a gender transition.

He doesn’t discriminate against LGBT. He just wants the right to not bake cakes that go against his religious views.

The Left Cancel Culture picked their target and he’s it. It’s harassment but few courts will protect Mr. Phillips.

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