Toilet Paper Shortage – Number 2


Americans seems to be hoarding food and supplies again, just as they did at the beginning of the pandemic. Now we are in danger of having the Great Toilet Paper Shortage 2.0.

Reasons for the toilet paper shortage are two-fold. Number 1 – Fear of the resurgence of the pandemic. Number 2 – Fear of potential violence following the election results.

Grocery stores across the country are reporting long lines of people who are hoarding supplies. “I think we’re going to have the same problem we had when the pandemic started,” said shopper Bill Birch of Poway, California.

Facebook users are discussing where the needed supplies are located. They are also reporting when those needed items will be restocked in local stores.

A “Back to Normal Barometer” study reported that 52 percent of people surveyed said they planned to stockpile, or have already stockpiled, essential goods.

Jon Last is President of Sports and Leisure Research Group, one of three firms that led the study. “We began seeing it emerge it little bit more after the Labor Day weekend,” he said. That was two months before tomorrow’s election.

Toilet paper and other essentials aren’t the only things being hoarded. Americans have built up a whopping $12.5 trillion in excess of savings from April through July, according to new research by Morgan Stanley economist Ellen Zentner.

Fear of an economic crash, or lack of access to local banks, may be driving this trend. In addition, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. If this trend continues, traditional favorites may be in short supply.

Either way, time is running short. You’re getting close to the end of the roll.

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3 years ago

Number 3—fear of a Biden loss, a lot of democrats and media will come down with massive diarrhea !!!!!

darla martin
darla martin
3 years ago

people are being driven nuts by this virus. Get over it and move on with your lives! i have been trying to get a Mrs Smith pumpkin pie for two weeks now i can’t blame it on the flu as this time every year i have trouble getting one. i don’t like my own pumpkin pie and hers are the best. i believe in the restaurants in my small town buy them up each year along with the population. ii live in a red state so i’m not worried about election violence. the left is already blaming in violence oe riots on the right. Funny deranged people.

3 years ago
Reply to  darla martin

LOL. “deranged people” says the woman who spent two weeks looking for a pumpkin pie. Yeah, sure, there is a conspiracy to keep you from your pie, I heard the restaurants owners all got together on a dark night and agreed to buy them all up so you couldn’t get any.