Trump advisor slams Fox News poll! There will be an onslaught of GOP voters!


Get out and vote! Trump can win if Republicans show up at the polls. Democrat media is trying to suppress the Republican vote. We can do it. Many of these polls are biased and directed at manipulating public opinion, not representing it. Fox News polls are among the worst. Tim Murtagh addressed that during a Fox News interview on Sunday.

Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said bluntly that the Trump campaign discounts Fox News polls. He explained why.

Murtaugh told host Harris Faulkner, “I like you, Harris, but no offense, the Fox News poll is always one of the worst. It’s notoriously bad. Your main pollster is always working for failed Democrat candidates, and was, in fact, Tom Steyer’s pollster.”

“It’s a Democrat polling firm, and it’s a big one, so we’ve always discounted Fox News polls,” he added.

Murtaugh said a better way they measure Trump’s support in the race is by the actual number of people who have cast their votes, where they’re coming from, and whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

He said Trump has chipped away at Biden’s lead, and they are expecting an onslaught of Trump voters to turn out on election day.


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3 years ago

Fox News seems to be working against Trump, I only watch them sparingly now.