Boarding up for Election Day response from Party of Love & Tolerance


Biden supporters have us living like the Third World during the election. When can you recall an election where buildings have to board up, and the White House has to double up on security? You can’t remember because it never happened before.

Biden supporters have created this violence, euphemistically calling it protesting. This is Third World stuff, and it’s all manufactured by far-left members of the Democrat Party.

Lisa Fithian, who is dubbed the ‘most dangerous woman in America‘ by supporters, trains the rioters. The media will call them ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ and the riots will be called ‘unrest’ by the media, as the AP ordained.

The neo-Marxists in the Democrat Party plan violence on Election Day if Trump wins, and perhaps even if he doesn’t. You can check out videos and maps here. They plan to take over Federal buildings.

ShutDownDC is hoping for a military-style coup. This is driven and organized by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and their offshoots.

They have everything from mobile kitchens to feed their street thugs to medics for field treatment of their wounded.

BLM and Antifa have decided Trump is not allowed to win and, if he does, it’s because the right stole the election. They want to overthrow the government.

A disaffected member of Sunrise leaked all of these documents.

The Marxists issued a leaked guide, which can be found here on Google Docs.

If you think this all sounds crazy, recall the recently publicized Transition Integrity Project of never Trump ‘Republicans,’ which clearly calls for people to take to the streets. It includes many prominent people, and the leader is also hoping for a military coup in the USA.

I encourage people to click on the links, watch a couple of the videos, and read the plan. It is a Democrat plan, not a white supremacist plan.

Biden’s big lie continues:


Welcome to the Third World, manufactured by the far-left Democrats embraced and in control of the Democrat Party. If you like this, vote Democrat. It won’t stop if Biden is elected. It will grow. These people are communists, and we know how that goes from history.

If you aren’t horrified by what the Democrats have wrought, you should be.

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