Tolerant, civil Dems react to NY protest to reopen the economy


There were rallies to reopen the government in Nassau County, New York yesterday, and rallies in Suffolk County Friday. While New York is the hotbed of the coronavirus, some of the one-size-fits-all rules put in place by Andrew Marcus Aurelius Cuomo are oppressive. He shut down everything and has arbitrarily decided what is essential or not, instead of determining which businesses and religious organizations can operate safely.

Most of the people in the rally wanted a slow reopening but they want it to begin now. Others want an immediate opening. Last I heard, this was still America and people were still free to protest.

The comments on Twitter about the innocent rally are obnoxious but that’s who the Democrats are. All the hate comes from them. When people were running around beating up conservatives or walking around in vagina suits and pussy hats, you didn’t hear a peep out of these people.

We wanted to share the reactions from Long Island so you can see what the right has to deal with — the arrogance is mind-blowing.

This first person in the Twitter pool looks down on people upstate, who are generally poorer, and the more rural Suffolk County. All of the negative comments on the Twitter sewer were elitist, arrogant, intolerant, and uncivil. That’s your Democrat of today.

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