Tom Fitton responds to FBI investigating itself, ‘Wray is continuing the coverup’


Tom Fitton, president of the conservative government watchdog, Judicial Watch responded to FBI Director Wray’s announcement that his agency would investigate itself in the Flynn matter during an appearance on Lou Dobbs show on Friday.

Aside from the idea of someone investigating oneself in general, Fitton doesn’t have any faith in this probe.

Fitton said, “The worst corruption arguably in the FBI’s history has been around the abuse of Trump, people like General Flynn and others. And FBI director Wray just gives it a shrug of his shoulders, saying, well, we’ll actually, we’ll have better training of our FBI agents who really have nothing to do with it in the sense that it was the top FBI leadership at the top levels in D.C. that were pushing this corruption in the corrupt FISA process.”

Fitton said he (Wray) knew or should have known what went on with Flynn. Right now, there are 8,000 documents, they are still sitting on between Page and Strzok emails.

Wray has taken the position that “NO emails sent out by anyone” — Page, Strzok, McCabe, etc. — “are subject to FOIA.” The “coverup is continuing under Director Wray.” To Fitton, it’s “unacceptable.”

“Attorney General Barr needs to step in and just take the documents,” he said.

There is a criminal investigation going on, why does the FBI have any flexibility here? We wouldn’t if we were under investigation.

“Why didn’t Mr. Durham take the servers?” he asked.

Fitton doesn’t believe there is any criminal investigation going on, it’s “just an administrative review.”

He’s fed up.


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