Tom Renz’s Terrifying Warning of World War III


Attorney Tom Renz of Renz Law has been a fighter for the people in the vaccine injustices of the past three years. He warns that people must be prepared for the possibility of World War III. It’s alarming and credible.

“By the way, if you think they won’t use a war, a world war, to help promote the great reset to take over our country, to eliminate more freedoms, I’ve got another thing coming for you,” Mr. Renz began.

“We’re not just going to be fighting; if there’s a World War, we’re not just going to be fighting the countries we’re fighting. We’re going to be fighting the globalists who are going to be using every opportunity to take over our country even further.

“Have you seen our elections recently? Have you seen what happened with COVID? Have you seen what’s going on with central bank digital currencies, our food supply, and our energy supply? Have you seen what’s going on here, folks?

“If there is a World War, I assure you, our country is going to be attacked in more ways than we can count. I don’t know about kinetic, you know. I don’t know if someone’s going to be dropping bombs on us, but our freedoms are already under attack in a massive way, and it’s terrifying.

“I don’t recognize the country we live in. I think about how it was when I was a kid. It’s not the same place,” Mr. Renz continued.

“We got Joe Biden backed by Republican sellout neocons who will do anything they can to protect these liars and crooks and the military-industrial complex. I’m not talking about our hero soldiers. I’m talking about the crooks and the Pentagon and the crooks and the intelligence community, who are completely unaccountable to anybody, completely unaccountable to anyone. No one knows what they do.

“They spend billions of dollars with zero accountability. They’re starting wars. They’re creating diseases. They’re doing all these things, and they’re doing it with your tax money with no accountability or oversight. And these crooked Republicans are selling out just like the Democrats.

“Democrats sell out to cover for Joe Biden. Republicans sell out because they don’t want to look at these dirty, dirty crooks in the military, but these dirty crooks are the ones that created SARS Co V2,” he concluded.

Watch, ut’s a frightening warning.

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