New Photos of Francisco Oropesa, Mass Killer of 5 Innocent People


New photos were posted of illegal alien Francisco Oropesa, deported or ordered deported four times. He murdered five innocent people in Cleveland, Texas. One of his victims was an eight-year-old child. All the victims were young.

The little murdered boy is seen in one photo with his mother Sonia who just had a baby.

Oropesa didn’t like it when his neighbor asked him to stop shooting off a rifle while he was trying to get his one-month-old baby to sleep. Oropesa said he’d do whatever he wanted on his own property. Within a short time, he went up to his neighbor’s home to shoot the people in the home. He murdered five of the ten people there. Two of the murdered young women saved three children by lying on top of them.

An $80,000 reward is offered for information that leads to his arrest.

Kari Lake said he was deported five times, but it appears it was actually four – three times by ICE and once by Border Patrol.

Oropesa had guns illegally. Gun laws don’t work for criminals.

There have been two potential sightings of Oropesa.

DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas won’t comment on his status.

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9 months ago

The Problem with Criminals is they don’t obey the Law and ALL Illegal Aliens are Criminals. Just because a Corrupt Government allows them in the Country, that does not make them Legal. The Government broke the Law by letting them in.