Tom Steyer’s aide offered donations for endorsements


Presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s aide is offering money for endorsements. An aide to billionaire 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer has offered campaign donations to numerous Iowa politicians in exchange for their endorsements, according to The Associated Press.

Former Iowa state House Speaker Pat Murphy (D), currently a top adviser on Steyer’s 2020 campaign, made the offers, which would not be illegal unless the potential contributions went unreported.

It might not be illegal but it’s a blatant buying of the office.

Other candidates say he is using his vast personal wealth to buy his way into the pack of Democratic candidates.

We don’t know if anyone has taken him up on it.


The Steyer campaign claims Murphy didn’t have authorization and they didn’t know he was doing it.

Uh, huh. No one knew?

“Tom has not made any individual contributions to candidates in Iowa this year, and he will not be making any contributions. The endorsements he receives are earned because of Tom’s campaign message, his decade-long work taking on big corporations who put profits over people, and his work registering and organizing voters across the country to support progressive causes. Our campaign policy is clear that we will not engage in this kind of activity, and anyone who does is not speaking for the campaign or does not know our policy,” a campaign spokesperson told The Hill on Thursday.

“Tom and his wife Kat Taylor have a long history of supporting progressive causes and candidates, which have helped Democrats in Iowa and across the country. Their work helped Democrats take back the U.S. House of Representatives last year and fueled more Democratic victories this week, including in Virginia,” added the spokesperson.

Steyer is very, very far-left.

Murphy fell on his sword and apologized.


One Iowa official told the AP that Murphy indicated to her that other candidates had accepted his offer in the past.

“It was presented more as, he has provided financial support to other down-ballot candidates who’ve endorsed him, and could do the same for you,”  state Rep. Karin Derry (D) told the news service.

Steyer does have some endorsements.

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