VA Gov Northam Plans for Gun Confiscation


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) of blackface and post-birth abortion fame is working on numerous gun control measures including the possible confiscation of weapons he deems to be ‘assault weapons.’

Democrats control all three branches of government. They control the Commonwealth’s General Assembly — flipping both the Senate and the House of Delegates from red to blue majorities. The Democratic Party now controls not only Virginia’s legislature but holds the governorship, lieutenant governorship, attorney general, and both U.S. Senate seats.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Northam wants to bring back eight “common-sense” gun-control measures that Republicans were able to stop.

The new measures will include “universal background checks, banning the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, restoring the law that limits purchases to one gun a month, and a red flag law that would empower a court to temporarily remove a gun from a person deemed to be a risk to himself or others.”

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Northam wants to bring back his gun control measures, including confiscation.

When asked directly about whether he is supportive of confiscating “assault weapons from gun owners” Northam replied, “That’s something I’m working [on] with our secretary of public safety. I’ll work with the gun violence activists, and we’ll work [on] that. I don’t have a definite plan today.”

He might proceed incrementally at first. That’s what leftists do.

On Tuesday, Virginia voters handed Democrats total control of the commonwealth.

Democrats today are far-left. According to the Post, Northam made it clear Virginia is now a [deep] blue state.

CNBC reported that Everytown for Gun Safety — a Bloomberg gun-grabbing group — spent $2.5 million to swing the election left, The Daily Wire reports.

If you take guns from law-abiding citizens, the only ones who will have guns are criminals and terrorists.

Correction. We inadvertently put an ‘R’ after Governor Northam’s name. He’s a Democrat. 

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