Tommy Tuberville trounces Jeff Sessions in the primary race


Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville trounced Jeff Sessions in the Alabama senate primary 62.7% to 37.3%. The AP was able to call the race soon after the polls closed. Tuberville will go up against far-left Democrat Doug Jones.

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General allowed the Russia-Trump hoax to seriously damage the nation and the presidency for three years. He continually said he was doing the moral and responsible thing.

If he really did feel that way, then he should have resigned. He basically abandoned his position and let Rod Rosenstein and Jim Comey trample on the President’s civil rights.

He put us all through hell.

Jeff Sessions was popular as a senator but his actions as AG were inexplicable. Rosenstein played him like a violin.

Doug Jones with one of his favorites.

President Trump was pleased.

The left is trying to destroy Tuberville’s reputation on social media so they can keep the puppet, Doug Jones.

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3 years ago

Sessions didn’t seem to realize the history of Trump. During his financial difficulty times he had a “good friend” that completely abandoned him. He was shocked that particular person did Not stand by him, because Trump believed he would be the last to do so. It was that situation when Trump decided on revenge for his enemies. Sessions was the modern day version of that previous friend. Sessions, too, was very supportive of the President but failed at a crucial time, and the sweet revenge Trump seeks was that election, a humiliation, to put it mildly.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Sessions was defeated by a huge margin. He was fully humiliated. Some late polls said it was a 2% race. The polls were lies, just like the Russian collusion and many other things.

I did not realize that China Mitch had the party give Sessions major funding.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

The score may not yet be settled with Betrayer Sessions. We want to know who in the coup he was talking with during the campaign, during the transition, and after the inauguration.

If Sessions is the unidentified FBI information blacked out in documents then he was part of the coup from day one.

We may discover more about the involvement of Sessions.