Tomorrow, we will be fundamentally transformed


Tomorrow, Joe Biden will sign some more executive orders or actions designed and drawn up for him by people like Susan Rice. It’s unclear that he really understands what he’s doing. Not all of the orders are bad, but the ones that are, are very bad. Especially concerning are orders that federalize some rules for local police and turn us into a nation based on equity, not equality.


The Democrats are beginning the process of nationalizing local police.

According to Bill O’Reilly, Susan Rice says, “she’ll head a, quote, robust interagency process to hold the federal government accountable for advancing equity, she uses the word, for families across America. What about people who don’t have families? They’re in there, too. All right. So, this whole thing is by design. It began under the Obama administration. Trump, of course, wiped it off the face of the earth, but it’s back and back in a big way.”

Biden is going to establish a policing commission at the federal level to basically tell local police forces what to do, and if they don’t do it, they’re going to get in trouble with the feds in a variety of ways.


One of the changes we will face tomorrow is the transformation of our nation into a nation promoting disparate outcomes. Tomorrow will be Equity Day and Biden orders will enshrine this Marxist ideology.

The goal is to have equal outcomes. The simple equal opportunity is no longer attainable in the minds of many academics and activists, and the Marxists running our nation.

We are no longer a meritocracy, or a nation of all men created equal in the eyes of God. The Biden Administration, run by Susan Rice, has made equity the United States’ official policy.

Equity is not equality. It requires equal outcomes for all. It’s not even hardcore socialism. It’s Marxism, communism. Bill didn’t say that, we are.

Tomorrow, Biden will sign another executive order banning all discrimination against any minority group, anyone but white. That means minority groups will be favored — more equal. If you object, you’re a racist. If there is available funding for anything, all minorities will get more than whites.

That’s equity.


O’Reilly gave examples, “Now, let me give you some examples of things that will happen under the Biden administration in the equity zone. So, if you are a minority, you will not be able to be fired for anything. All right. You have job assurance for life. If you object to that, so say you’re an employer and say you have some minority people not doing the job or even misbehaving at work, you can’t fire them, and if you try, then you’ll be charged with racial discrimination. And if you object to the policy, you’re a bigot. You’re a bigot. You cannot object to this. So, all the Republicans who will object…they are all bigots and homophobes, and they are not worth listening to. And even further, they’ll try to cancel them, fire them, hurt them if you object to this equity policy. You’ll get hurt.”

Employers will be afraid to fire minorities no matter what they do:

“So, therefore, people will be afraid to object, many, many, many employers will be afraid to object. It’s a get out of jail free card for criminals because if you commit a crime, and you’re a minority, no, you know, we’re not going to hold you on bail, you’re already seeing that destroy New York, Chicago, L.A. Then even if you’re convicted, you’re not really going to go away for a long time. Even if you have a gun, a firearm that’s loaded, and we catch you in Chicago. Yeah. We’re not going to hold you. We’re not going to charge you. You’re not even going to get convicted. You’re not going away. You’d have to kill or rape somebody to go away. You break into a car or a house, no. Punch somebody in the face? No. Because the criminals in the minority community who are doing those things, they’re victims. You see, they’re not predators. They’re victims of a system that force them to commit crime because they were denied the advantages of the white people. This is equity. It used to be called restorative justice. They changed that. That was too complicated. Now it’s, you know, the sins of America’s past have to be borne by the white Caucasian people who are prosperous. They’re going to pay all of the bills.”


The Carnegie Mellon Foundation is giving away seventy-two million dollars to many colleges, Cornell, the University of Minnesota, Johns Hopkins University, etc.

The money will teach students how horrible the United States is and how we have to pay for the sins of the people who preceded us. Like the NY Times 1619 Project, they will tell you the entire country was based on slavery, and we must pay for that.

As we said, we will all be America-hating communists.


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