Top CCP Prof explains they have infiltrated top of US ‘power and influence”


Tucker Carlson aired a video by a Chinese government professor admitting that they have people at the “top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence.”

In the video, a top economics professor in China explains that they have people in very high places, especially on Wall Street. But when Trump came along, all that Chinese influence went away.

The professor also noted how Trump complained about Hunter Biden having a ‘global foundation.’ He basically confirmed that the Biden family was in bed with the Chinese, that they helped him make these global deals.

He added that those in positions at the top of the American government went to work to get Biden elected.

The professor claims the CCP bought Americans, and all can be bought.



The Chinese didn’t pull this with Donald Trump because they were afraid of him. The Chinese Communists do have an ‘in’ with the top echelons of American power.


In case you’re not convinced, did you hear what the DNI said?



  1. This was a damning video with the Chinese man bragging about the traitors they own in the US Government. DNI Ratcliffe and President Trump need to OUT these people, one of whom is Buyden.

  2. Absent intervention by the Supreme Court the conquest of the United States and what remains of the free world by the ChiComs will be complete with the handing over of the White House to their agent Joe Biden on January 20,2021. The ChIComs will have achieved the greatest conquest in history without the firing of a single shot. God help us!

  3. Here is a new little nugget……………Reminder, That Time When Secretary of State Pompeo Shared The Chinese Communist Party List of U.S. Governors at the National Governors Association (NGA) Feb 8, 2020…Secretary Pompeo, noting his prior role as CIA director, fired a shot across the bow of the governors letting them know of the Trump administration awareness of their Chinese influence.,,,,,,,,,,GOV Kemp is on that list !!!!!!!……………..more of the story at CTH

  4. I’m smelling a big fat CCP RAT everywhere.
    Bad things happen when everyone is staring at telescreens or smoking dope and playing video games while waiting for some crumbs from mommygov.
    I admit to getting $2000 for some medical bills from the bestest government that money can buy after getting a lawyer and it took almost three years but I am a TRAD American and at the bottom of the list.
    At the offices there were literally foreigners elbowing people back and an air of hostility with an attitude of you’re supposed to be rich whitey cracka.

  5. TWENTY YEARS senator Dianne Feinstein had a chicom spy on her payroll. AND NO he was no ordinary limo driver. The man served as her office manager and represented her at official foreign affair gatherings. The story, of course, he was never privy to national security informations is PURE BULL CRAP.. As her office manager, he was privy to everything.

    Feinstein has expressed her GREAT LOVE of all things China. She has actually confessed to believe SHE was Chinese in a prior life. And thanks to her work in the senate with chicom loving legislation, HER HUSBAND’S business deals with China have made these two VERY, VERY wealthy.

    There is a real remedy for Chinese influence in America. ALL THINGS CHINESE SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED in this country. They should NOT be allowed to own ANYTHING in America. They should be made to DIVEST ALL of their holdings in this country. THAT is what political and non political leaders in America SHOULD be doing. ONLY THOSE ALREADY COMPROMISED WITH REJECT THIS.

    Just today I heard a report a chicom businessman, Sun Guangxin, with deep connections to the CCP and the wealthiest in China, was just allowed to buy 130 THOUSAND acres of land in Texas. THIS MAN AMONG WORST of Chicom BAD GUYS.

    This land is considered to be one of the most beautiful, historic AND PRISTINE land in America. AND IT SITS RIGHT NEXT TO LANGLAND Airforce base. This is the base where nearly ALL American pilots are trained.

    According to the story, the plan is to build a wind farm, RIDICULOUS. This area of Texas notorious for being a very low wind area … but it WILL most DEFINITELY disrupt pilot training and give a “birds eye view,” of our aircraft and any other secured intel from the base.

    More MIND BLOWING info on this land sale can be found here:

    America, we could stop about 90% of ALL Washington DC corruption by simply DEMANDING ALL FORMS OF LOBBYING IN DC be OUTLAWED. NO domestic lobbying; NO FOREIGN lobbying. Simply put, the “professon” of lobbying SHOULD BE OUTLAWED. It is nothing short of legaized BRIBERY.

  6. Miss Dawling,Didn’t I say essentially the same thing here like 3 months ago ? It’s called the United Front and it’s an old tradition,and when the Party overthrowed KMT regime on mainland China in 1949,they had people that are as high as Chiang Kai Shek’s secratary being a communist spy .

    • I’m with you there. I have been complaining about the Chinese Communist influence for years. But, if you say anything, they falsely claim you don’t like Chinese people.

  7. Did one of my very long comments just disappear? If that’s the case ,can you help me restore it,I really don’t wanna type it again

  8. Let me explain to you what is happening now and what America should do

    Just before the USSR collapsed in 1991,three things had happened in Russian society :
    1.The inter-ethnic tensions and inter-faction animosities had become so serious that the nation was on the brink of civil war.This was partially because of the wrong policies of Moscow and partially because of the West’s successful cultural and propaganda campaign.
    2. Most of the people didn’t believe in the founding principles of the USSR anymore.Because many dark historical truths were disclosed under Mihayil Gorbachev and the people got to know the “real history” of their country.
    3. Most of the people in USSR believed the Western way of life and the Western form of government is better than that of the USSR because the economy and the condition of life in the USSR was very bad,but the West was very prosperous at that time.So it appeared to them that the only way to save them from that miserable condition was to overthrow the USSR and establish a Western form of democracy in Russia.

    Sounds familiar ? That’s what the Chicom is doing to America right now.
    The so-called racial problem between minorities and whites are purposefully magnified ;so-called “real history”of the USA is being propagated and even taught at schools,and the founding principles of the American Republic is being distorted ,misinterpreted and denied ; China appears to be rich and prosperous meanwhile the American economy is a ruin ,people’s livelihoods are worse than before,and now many people is starting to believe all these problems are caused by “capitalism” and they are saying the only cure is “socialism”,because“the it appears that China is prosperous under socialism ”without realizing the fact that its so-called prosperity and its high economic growth is made possible by thousands of sweat shops,millions of slave workers and billions of poorly paid working class people with virtually no human rights ,freedom and political rights whatsoever ,who are driven by nationalistic revenge enthusiasm and hatred against the free world ,especially America and Japan, which is purposefully inculcated by the state so they would not ask for rights and could tolerate their poor life conditions because it’s just“temporary sacrifice that is necessary for the Great Revival of the Chinese nation”,which is similar to what happened in the Third Reich in 1930s.

    Now this is what America can do

    First America should rebuild its economy,and make it stronger than ever before. The economy is the most important thing when you have a new Cold War against a rival like China.And a good economy is the best cure for almost all social problems.
    Secondly America must rebuild the people’s confidence in its founding principles ,and America must help the people to achieve a more matured and healthy view of its history and past events.
    Third and most important of all America should debunk,disclose and widely propagate the myth of China,their hypocritical “exceptionalism” and the real history of PRC. Such as how they persecuted millions and killed hundreds of thousands of people in the so-called “anti right wing Movement”in the year 1950 ,just one year after the People’s Republic’s founding,how they fought the Korean War for Stalin and sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers to die in a Soviet proxy war,which they now falsely propagate as the so-called“Chinese Nation’s first heroic victory over the Western powers since 1840’s Opium War”,or how General Wangzhen killed thousands of muslims in Xinjiang in the 1950s and 1960s but now they are slamming the Australians because Australian troops killed a couple of civilians in Afghanstan.The Chinese are pretending to be the guardians of the human rights of muslim civilians in Afghanstan.And how 20 million peoples died in Mao’s Great Leap Forward Movement but now they are calling themselves the saviors of billions of peoples around the world,and meanwhile depicting America as the evil enemy of the whole mankind because mere thousands of indigenous Indians were killed by the US Army back in the 18th and 19th centuries.They are emitting two times the CO2 emitted by the USA annually and dumping trash all over the world’s oceans,overfishing as far as Galapagos Islands ,Ecuador or West Africa, but now they are trying to become the “leader”of the environmental protection in the world,at the same time smearing the American people and their way of life as the cause of climate change. The examples can go on forever.But if all these true history of theirs and these facts about them are fully exposed to the world 24 seven ,would they still try to pretend to be a better option for the world than America,and will they still be able to criticize America over its racial issues in the UN Human Rights Council ?They are using the simpleness ,ignorance and naivete of most Westerners and they are exploiting the benefits of one-sided intransparency of information. So the most important of all ,America must regain its moral,ideological and public opinion initiative and power in the world arena

    • The Main sewer Stream fake Media and their censorship buddies in social media, led by the “Three Stooges” you may have noticed ARE the main obstacles to safeguarding the Republic…If the “coup” indeed has been successful as they are claiming…short of open civil war…the Constitutional Republic IS DEAD!!!

  9. I believe this is a very important point that i made,I really hope you could further specify in this direction in your future articles and do your part to warn the people,I believe when many people become aware of this tendency ,positive changes could be made sooner or later,before it’s too late

  10. you said “I’m with you there. I have been complaining about the Chinese Communist influence for years. But, if you say anything, they falsely claim you don’t like Chinese people”
    Well,throughout its history the Party has bound itself to the concept of the entire people of China,to anti the party is to anti the entire Chinese nation,and it is not just the propaganda,it’s the fact,90% of the national population are adamant in their support of the party because they have been brainwashed industrially from kindergarten to adulthood ,even to the old age ,via all aspects of life and all outlets of information,in short they are beyond redemption. The Party masters the art of propaganda and influencing societies.
    The Party might be the single most dangerous enemy of the American Experiment maybe in all its history so far.

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