Top House Democrats Turn on Israel, Demand Biden Halt Arms


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, still a powerhouse and a close Biden ally, came out publicly against arming Israel. Within a matter of months, Pelosi has shifted support away from Israel and now backs an embargo on Israel.

Since the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked the World Central Kitchen convoy in Gaza, leaving seven international workers dead and one American, the regime under Biden has been divided over sending weapons to Israel. They were strongly behind Israel until it was inconvenient.

Pelosi in 2018: “If this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain would be our commitment to our aid — I don’t even call it our aid — our cooperation with Israel.”

Axios reports that Pelosi signed onto a call by progressive members of Congress for the US to stop transferring weapons to Israel over the strike. The letter she signed was led by representatives Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, including 40 Democrats in total.

The death of the workers was an accident, but it has become a cudgel.

Democrats want to put Donald Trump in prison for telling people to march peacefully and patriotically, but this radical in Dearborn, Michigan, can pledge “Death to America?” They vote in Dearborn.

Pelosi Turns

Nancy Pelosi wants to make a decision not to send weapons to Israel based on international or US law. We know how the international law will go. According to Axios, Pelosi said that she knows “the President’s support for Israel and empathy with the innocent civilians in Gaza, and she respects his judgment and how to proceed.”

Allegedly, 33,000 Gazans have died. There is no proof, and we don’t know how many were fighters. The numbers come from Hamas only, and the US media has decided to accept those numbers uncritically.

If there’s one thing that Pelosi and Biden don’t have, it’s empathy for anyone. We see that in their empathy for people affected by their open border policies and pro-crime/anti-police policies.

There is a pro-Israel Democrat group endorsing Squad primary opponents, but it might be too late for that. There are just too many Muslim votes at stake for Democrats.

Muslims are using all their power to sway the election. That can be seen in the boycotting of the annual White House Ramadan gathering, which signals the end of the feasting season. Biden had to scale it way down.

It is breathtaking. Last week, they all supported de-funding UNRWA and defending Israel tooth and nails, and now …

Mossad Commentary writes:

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, along with 40 other Democrat members of Congress, are calling to stop arms shipment to Israel. Another example is when you let millions of refugees (and illegals) from Muslim (or other) countries into the US, they end up dictating policy, alliances, and culture. The tragic part of it is these refugees fled to the US because no other Muslim and Arab nation would accept them. Biden will still repeat Trump’s phrase: Buy American, hire American – America first.

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